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Andres' New trio features Antoine Brouze on drums & Blaise Hommage on doublebass

andres jimenez quintet


Andres Jimenez - piano & composition

Antoine Brouze - drums

Blaise Hommage - doublebass

Manu Gesseney - alto saxophone

Jeff Baud - trumpet & flugelhorn


This project was born in 2013, with a first album "NIRODHA"  out on January 2017.


Bound by common views on dedication and musical taste. Every single member  plays masterfully. The interplay between musicians is awesome. The music it-self can be qualified as "post hard-bop" jazz, playfully, energic and lyric at the same time.

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andres jimenez solo


New solo album "Maracatu Para Lena " coming out September 2021

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